Academic Work

Colman, Felicity & Stapleton Erin K. “Screening Feminisms: Approaches for Teaching Sex and Gender in Film” in Teaching Gender: Feminist Pedagogy and Responsibility in Times of Political Crisis (Eds. Beatriz Revelles-Benavente & Ana M. Gonzalez Ramos): Screening Feminisms Chapter

Stapleton, Erin K. “Objects After Adolescence: Teen Film without Transition in Spring Breakers and The Bling Ring” in Genre Trajectories: Identifying, Mapping Projecting (Eds. Garin Dowd & Natalia Rulyova): Objects After Adolescence_Erin K Stapleton

Stapleton, Erin K. “Digital Images, Heterogeneity, Expenditure, Destruction.” paper presented for the Applied Virtuality Lab, Zürich ETH, November 2014:

Stapleton, Erin K. “The Corpse is the Territory: The Body of Dora Kelly Lange in True Detective” in True Detection (Eds. Edia Connole, Nicola Masciandaro & Paul J Ennis): Chapter_The Corpse is the Territory_Erin K Stapleton

Stapleton, Erin K. “BAD COPIES: The Experience of Simulacra in Interactive Art” in Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge (Issue 26):

Stapleton, Erin K. “Divine, or Sovereign Violence as Simulacrum, or; If You Want to Take On the Throne, You Can’t Already Be King” paper presented for the Weaponizing Speculation Conference, Dublin, March 2013:

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