The Consequence of No

Once homophobia (or any kind of hatred) is given oxygen, it spreads. The legitimacy that a 'no' vote lends to the people who spread this hatred has the potential to provoke and support all manner of homophobia and violence. This provides a platform not simply to deny one right, but as a starting point from which to erode the rights that have already been fought for, and won. Contrary to appearances, history is not a straight line (ha ha) and the maintenance of rights requires vigilance and energy as well.

Desire without Sight (collecting attention to details)

Even when we find beauty or desire in something or someone who doesn’t conform to those mainstream cultural standards, or exceeds, or resists them in one way or another, our understanding and expression of appreciation for that beauty and our desire for it remains affected. We understand our perception of beauty and our desire for certain forms and not others as natural and we can’t seem to think about what we see in a different way, even when we know it's culturally and historically created.

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